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This is a blog about life and how to change it.  Or at least how to deal with those life issues that can get in the way of living.  Things like the end of the world; Sarah Palin; how Two and A Half Men ever got on tv; aging in the 21st century; when wrinkles take over your face and so on.  Most of the information provided in this blog comes from voices in my head as well as secondhand  experiences.  I hope you find a smile or two along the way as you read my random musings.  Please check in often as I'm learning how to channel winning lottery numbers and will share them the next day.  And remember that just one laugh a day burns up 500 negative emotional calories which then allows you to laugh at yourself without gaining weight. Laughingly Yours, Author Teacher

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  1. Great stuff, but where are those 6 numbers? We can all use laughter. I just don’t get all those jokes that they try to pass as legitimate news on the tv and radio. Maybe I should read the Daily Bee?

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