Dec 192013
surrenderdorothyrudolpffinalfinal Unbeknownst to Hazel, the little town of Hethlebem, located just three snowdrifts south of the North Pole, would never give up the most famous reindeer of all.  Skywriting threats would fall on deaf eyes.  What Witch Hazel ™ didn’t realize was Hethlebem in Pole-ish meant “town that can’t read”.  She’d been flying around for nearly 13 hours when it finally dawned on her the meaning of “colder than a witch’s...”.  With her broom gauge on empty and no signs of the ruby red schnozz, Hazel was faced with the possibility of yet another family failure.  She was the only one left who could vindicate her family’s bad name. Sister East died on the wrong side of a flying house; Westie had her famous meltdown and Glinda was stoned by a mob of Munchkins who couldn’t take her voice another minute.  It was up to Hazel to pull off this heinous crime leaving Santa to fly on instruments.  Suddenly her broom started sputtering. Then down in the village there rose such a ruckerous.  The villagers all cried “She’s trying to suckerous!”  With a twitch of her nose and a wiggle of an ear, Hazel yelled out a curse ..........."SHIIIIIT!  I'M GOIN' DOWN!" No one knows what happened to Hazel and her witch craft.  Guess we'll have to wait until next year.  Until then, wherever you are, whatever you believe in, no matter what type of vehicle you drive...   ****************************************************************************************************************************************************

"There's no place like home"

for the Holidays!

May this season bring you Joy, Peace, Love and Enough!


Pat, Suzen, Romeo, Magic, Neo, Adam & Eve

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  2 Responses to “Merry Christmas To Just About Everyone!”

  1. Nice to see you are back at it with your (now) high tech hories….xoxox

  2. Oh what a yarn you’ve spun! Can’t wait for next year’s installment. 😉 In the meantime, I’m sure you and yours will continue to have fun engaging with all that life offers. Enjoy! Love, Cricket

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