Apr 162012

The new old Dick

  Only three weeks after receiving an "Anonymous" heart transplant, and I do hope Anonymous was the donor, DC is back in the battle again. Appearing at a Wyoming Republican Party state convention on Saturday, The Dick sat on his throne and reminisced for 75 minutes with his daughter Lez.  I mean Liz. Getting a 'real' heart (and I believe this was his very first one) has given Cheney another opportunity to spread his good fear in support of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Dim Mitt.  Using a fishing metaphor, Dick cast his line for DM by saying Romney will do "a whale of a job."  In the same breath (and metaphor) Cheney didn't hesitate to cast an aspersion about President Obama.  "He has been an unmitigated disaster to the country."  Cheney did not specify which country but I'm assuming he was referring to the United Arab Emirates. In an unusual show of compassion and what I believe is definitive proof that Cheney actually did receive the real thing, he stated "He owed a "huge debt" to the unknown donor of his new heart and to medical technology."  Now before you get all blubbery it was soon followed by his signature reference to waterboarding.  "It produced a wealth of information. Don't let anybody tell you the enhanced interrogation program didn't work. It did."  Now that's worth crying about. There were several Dick supporters (code name 'jock straps') in the audience of nearly 300 who were apprehensive about how Cheney would look and perform after only three weeks of recovery from the transplant. "We're very concerned about him. We're very worried about him as a friend and a colleague," said Cherie Fisher, a delegate from Park County near Yellowstone National Park, during a smoke break. "I was amazed he was able to say so much over the whole course of an hour," said one delegate to the convention, Helen Bishop, of Moran in Jackson Hole. "I thought it would be a really brief, 'Hi'." Since I was unable to attend this little get together due to a restraining order, I would like to extend my heartfelt comment.  "There are so many things that can go wrong after a heart transplant." I wish no harm to The Dick.  He has served the UAE and Halliburton well.  And who knows, if Romney accepts Cheney's hunting invitation and "W" accepts Cheney's VP invite president Obama could have the biggest landslide victory our country has ever seen.  I can almost see the headlines now, "Bush's Dick Loses the Erection!  Republican's Cry Fair Voting!" "May the farce be with you."

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  One Response to “Darth Gets a New Heart…Keeps Old Brain”

  1. There was once a Fairy called Farce who lived in far away Farce land. One day the Farce fairy meet another farce fairy. They united together and formed a Farcedom – their motto being “We don’t give a fig what others think of our farces”!!
    Long live our farces! Let nothing change them! Especially not the liberals (whoever they are!!).

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