What About Me?


Looking for the New Earth

I was raised a semi-middle class, white identical twin in the backwoods of Massachusetts.  I am one of five children and have been on birth control for nearly 50 years because of that. I spent most of my youth wondering whether Catholicism was the cause of my fear of everything or just my fear of men, women, children and the elderly. I survived high school in Indiana (my fifth state since birth) without incident.  The name under my picture in the high school yearbook read, "Chris's twin sister."  I had only one note in my yearbook,  "Chris, I know you'll go far and be voted most popular at Ball State.  Love,  Chris." College was another four year sentence in Indiana.  Creative writing was my major so naturally I chose Purdue.  In order to satisfy my major, I had to take the same creative writing courses three years in a row.  That's when I learned that tenured professors didn't go out of their way to change their curriculum so I didn't go out of my way to change what I had written in my freshmen year.  I just handed in the same assignments and he just handed me the same grades. After college I returned to my roots to seek fame and a livable salary.  Massachusetts was home to many famous writers.  Melville, Thoreau, Poe, Emerson all got their writing chops there so I figured there must be some kind of creative mojo going on in my birth state. I spent nine years looking for that mojo.  First on the golf course then on the tennis court and finally in the metaphysics section of Waldenbooks.  It was there I discovered I needed to get in touch with my Higher Self (HS) which prompted me to move to California.  It seemed the perfect place to get high on myself.  The competition was stiff as I found that everyone there was high on themselves. After twenty three years of remaining unpublished I was determined to find an audience that could read.  I knew in my heart that I had the ability to write something important.  Something that would change how people viewed the world.  So I moved to Seattle.  It was there I discovered that the sun did not exist. Two and a half years of damp clothing and a vitamin D addiction, I found myself...wanting to move again.  I'd lost contact with my HS although in hindsight I believe my HS dumped me for Janet Evanovich.  Weather depressed and moldy I realized I had one last chance to make good on my college major. And that's how I got to Idaho.    
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  1. Keep up the good work, I think you’re very funny, in a sad sort of way!! I don’t care what Chris says!! heehee…If you need some hilarious material, I have a few funny stories of my own to make you giggle….love, Lois

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